We invest for strong communities.

We are inspired by flying and the opportunities it creates. We want to see more students, from all backgrounds, have the chance to become future leaders in aviation—or any industry. We invest in many ways to support the communities in our backyards—especially youth, education, and workforce development, with the goal of aiding 100,000 youth and workers by 2020.

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Educational engagement

Alaska drives a number of educational support initiatives with a focus on improving education and the associated economic opportunities for youth through events, activities, partnerships, donations, and employee volunteer time. The skills students gain through these efforts benefit their communities and prepare them for future success.

Developing future leaders.

Our efforts focus on fostering an interest in STEM education, which plays an active role in the development of future aviation leaders.

Providing educational opportunities.

Within our hub communities, the educational programs we support have affected the lives of more than 107,000 youth since 2014.

Economic opportunities

Supporting our communities is about more than donations and education; we also strive to empower people by providing meaningful employment and training and skills development needed to enter and thrive in the workforce. These efforts focus on our hub communities, with the understanding that participants may one day be part of the growing Alaska family.

Employing the best of the best.

Great service begins with great employees, and ours are some of the best in the business. Our airlines directly employ more than 23,000 people, providing them with jobs, stability, and training.

Lifting up airport workers.

We’ve provided educational opportunities for 453 airport workers since 2014 through Airport University, a program designed to provide airport workers with the skills training needed to advance their careers.